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Blonde Over Blue

Blonde Over Blue is comprised of vocals by Amanda Stone, keys by Jimmy Hartmann and percussion by Danny Roelle. Blonde Over Blue is a band with learned, experienced and successful members from a variety of backgrounds. With three professional musicians, there is always talent on stage whether we play as a duo, trio, or have guest players. We have played at numerous venues and are always up to try someplace new. We are sure to play familiar, danceable, 'singable' songs that people can party to. We can play dinner shows as well as pack a dance floor.

Danny Roelle

Danny Rolle is a self-taught, multifaceted percussionist who has worked extensively in Rochester with a number of well-known bands including Nik and the Nice Guys, ZBTB (Zach Brown Tribute Band), Dial Up and the Moon Zombies. Over the years he has enjoyed audiences coast to coast in the US and has played in Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. Danny’s catalog ranges from light Jazz, Latin rhythms, Americana, Oldies, Modern Pop, Rock and Country. Pulling elements of all the music he has performed, Danny enjoys putting a new spin on an old tune or creating the right part for a song that is brand new.

Jimmy Hartmann

Jimmy Hartmann is a marvelous pianist and vocalist. He was classically trained in voice and piano at SUNY Fredonia where he earned his B.A. in Music Education. He now works as a music teacher at School of the Arts in the Rochester City School District where he instructs multiple choirs and teaches group piano class. Jimmy has had the opportunity to work with many cover and original bands including That Party Band, Maroon 5 Tribute Band, New Masons, and others. Jimmy enjoys playing piano and singing in a variety of styles and hopes that his talents brings all of his audience joy and fulfillment.

Amanda Stone

Amanda Stone is a world class vocalist who is classically trained from teachers at the Eastman School of Music and SUNY Geneseo. Amanda had worked for several years with many well-known Rochester bands before traveling, playing her original music. She obtained her BA in Music and has been enjoying performing for many years.

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