Amanda Stone

Amanda started receiving private vocal and piano instruction at the age of 7. She performed with her local church choir, school chorus, and was an active member in her community theater.

She continued lessons throughout grammar school until switching her studies to the Eastman School of Music at age 15. Upon high school graduation, she began a program at SUNY Geneseo where she continued her classical education and received a BA in Vocal Performance.

Amanda first found her lyrical voice through poetry. She adapted some of her early poems into the songs that comprise most of her first album Full Moon.

Moving into the singer/songwriter role proved to be a truly joyful and cathartic experience, as she found working on her sophomore album Lust N Love.

Amanda has been performing for many years and has played with bands such as Twilight, Brass Taxi, Blonde Over Blue, The Silver Arrow Band, East Coast Connection and Nik Entertainment, as well as recording her original music in L.A.

Music is about connection and Amanda is grateful to be able to share a piece of herself with her audience.


 Taylor Smith

Taylor started taking formal piano lessons at age 9, and was also involved in the school band on saxophone from grade 4 on.  He studied in the classical style, but branched out to other genres through playing in garage bands with friends in high school.  Taylor received his undergraduate degree in Music Education from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. During his time there he was involved in the marching band, jazz band, concert band, various small ensembles, accompanying, and performing solo recitals.  He also continued to play in an original band called “Unfair Verona” with friends from grade school.

Taylor moved to Rochester in 2009 to attend Nazareth College and received his Master’s Degree in Creative Arts Therapy. Following that, he worked as a music therapist at Monroe 1 BOCES for a year before moving on to work for Hochstein School of Music and then School of the Holy Childhood.

Since moving to Rochester, he has continued to write, perform, and record his original music (under the name “loveXOdeath”).  He has also played in a variety of local groups including The Frequency, That Party Band, Dial Up (formerly “All That & the Bag of Chips”), PUR!, ZBTB, Lady & the Gentlemen, Bad Is Bad, various 3HB residency tributes, and now… Amanda Stone & the B.B.E.!

 Danny Roelle

Danny is a self-taught, multifaceted percussionist who has worked extensively in Rochester with a number of well-known bands including Nik and the Nice Guys, ZBTB (Zach Brown Tribute Band), Dial Up, Blonde Over Blue and the Moon Zombies.

Over the years he has enjoyed audiences coast to coast in the US and has played in Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Danny’s catalog ranges from light Jazz, Latin rhythms, Americana, Oldies, Modern Pop, Rock and Country. Pulling elements of all the music he has performed, Danny enjoys putting a new spin on an old tune or creating the right part for a song that is brand new.


 Alex Lasher

Alex has been playing guitar in and out of the Rochester scene for many years in a plethora of bands covering everything from rock and jazz to soul, funk and blues. He is a passionate explorer of the greatest in all styles of music and art in general, having received his AS in Liberal Arts.

In an earlier project, The Deep Blue Dream, Alex shad the pleasure of sharing the stage with national acts Medeski Martin and Wood, Leon Russel, Nina Simone, Popa Chubby, and Joe Louis Walker. He is also a founder of That Party Band.

In addition to playing music, he enjoys woodworking and making Tagua nut guitar picks (available at

His profession is in Supported Employment for people with disabilities that have barriers to the world of work and has spent most of his adult life in that field.

 Chuck Bianchi

Chuck graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1997 with a BA in performance studies. Since then he has performed as a solo artist and with many ensembles, worked in musical theater, and as a studio musician.

Aside from working with various groups in the Rochester area, Chuck has been focused on his true passion, music for solo electric bass guitar. Since realizing it's melodic potential and subtle range of expression, he has been writing, arranging, and performing music for solo bass.

Chuck released his debut CD Dreaming Out Loud in 2004 which features some of his solo compositions and duets. In 2011 his original arrangements were included on the compilation Holiday Rumblings. The recording, released by Zon Guitars, featured other notable bassists such as Michael Manring and Jonni Lightfoot.

In addition, Chuck has been teaching bass for over 20 years and in 2019 released his book Classical Favorites for Electric Bass through Mel Bay Publications.

Looking forward, Chuck would like to see the repertoire for solo bass keep expanding. And in this spirit he intends to keep composing, teaching and performing music for the bass guitar.