Album Release



Lust -N- Love

There are so many people that I want to thank

for their help in the process of making this album:

* Greg Broadhurst - Drums

* James 'Doc' McGowan - Drums

* Robert Munson - Bass, Electric Guitar

* Craig Snyder - Electric Guitar

* Bryan Price - Acoustic Guitar

* Dave Belec - Organ, Piano, Keys

* Matt Ramerman - Mixing, Mastering


The biggest thanks goes to Jon Belec for his tireless efforts on this album.

He is a master of his craft and his production

of this album made it what is it!

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." 

- Plato


I was born with a deep love of music.

Some of my earliest memories are centered around singing.

Whether it was in my livingroom, at school, at church, or performing in a musical,

singing has always given me profound pleasure.


I first found my lyrical voice through poetry. 

I adapted some of my early poems into the songs that comprise most of my first album Full Moon.


Moving into the singer/songwriter role has proven to be truly joyful and cathartic, 

as I experienced working on my sophmore album Lust N Love.


Music is about connection and I am grateful to be able to share a piece of myself with the audience.

I have been performing for years, but I feel that no matter how much I do,

there is always something more to learn.

I currently sing with multiple Rochester bands including

The Amanda Stone Band, Blonde Over Blue,

Twilight and The Silver Arrow Band.

However, my true passion lies in performing my original music, which I get to do with my band.

I devote a lot of my time and energy into each booking and performance and I feel that singing with a variety of groups ensures that the music stays fresh and fun for me and the audience.

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© 2018 by AMANDA STONE

Lust N Love Cover Photo